Friday 28 November 2014


Weather to buy a digital podium from a local supplier or online is a question of great dilemma. Quality, delivery period, installation, demonstration, training, after sale service and warranty are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing the equipment.
With a shift from traditional teaching practices to hi-tech smart classrooms; institutes are looking forward to buy the latest innovative hardware to enhance the total learning experience. Smart Classroom Equipments are fixed assets that ensure great return on investment over a long period of time.  Consumer Behavior theory can be aptly applied on it – from the point of influencer to the point of actual buyer.
Digital Podium is a revolutionary smart class solution that most of the premium educational institutes are opting for and many educational authorities are making it mandate. The advanced teaching aid has edge over all other devices because it is a comprehensive device that has built-in smart components.  

Check list for buying digital podium

  • Prime Components:  First, verify the components of the device if you are looking forward to buy digital podium online. Primarily, it should have interactive touch panel, built-in visual presenter, computer and public addressing system. There are many available product models in the market that do not have all these integral elements. It is highly recommended to purchase the complete set without any compromise. 
  • Secondary Components: Keyboard is an indispensable part of this smart classroom equipment. Confirm it before purchasing that the gadget has a sliding user friendly keyboard tray. Second, Sliding Door of Touch Panel to keep the panel scratch free; and when in use it becomes an efficient book rest. Third, a multi storage cup-board to keep personal stuff like bag or books. These secondary components make the device fit to use.
  • Electrical Fittings:  Though the smart classroom equipment is plug and play device, therefore it is very important to verify electric fittings. Check out for quality cables, external USB ports , Ethernet (LAN) port, switch boards, power sockets and ventilation air fan inside to ensure smooth working of device in future.
  • Wheels: Mobility makes any device user friendly and this smart teaching aid is no exception to it.  Though the device itself is made for multiple purposes -auditoriums, seminar halls, training centers, lab workshops and classrooms. Therefore, it is must to confirm that the device is on wheels for easy mobility from one room to another.
  • Warranty: Minimum one year warranty must be demanded from the seller; irrespective of its location. 
  • After Sale Service:  Either service centers or after sale service should be verified before purchase.


What are you looking for?  If you are an institute looking forward to purchase (say) ten whiteboards for your institute than digital podium can be a better decision in regard to both cost and features. It would be a good decision to buy 5 of later ones than 10 of former. 

Online Procedure to Buy

  1. Google is the king of search engines; search for digital podium on it. 
  2. Open the website of first four search engine results.
  3. Read the reviews available if the seller is selling on ebay, amazon, snapdeal, etc.
  4. Contact the seller personally through phone as well as mail.
  5. Ensure to get all the warranty and quotation formally through mail for record keeping.
  6. Confirm the training program hours from the buyer to get familiar with the device quickly.
  7. Make the purchase either on COD or advance payment options, whatever available.
Hope, the information shared helps you in one way or other. In case of doubt, feel free to contact!