Monday 7 December 2020

What is Interactive Touch Monitor / Display?

 Interactive Touch Monitor is a touch panel display which is operated with the touch of a finger or dummy pen. It is offered with the writing and annotation software. There are two types of Interactive Touch Monitors: 

  • With Computer
  • Without Computer 
The price of an Interactive Touch Monitor in India depends upon its configuration and size. Interactive Touch Panels are available in 19 inches, 22 inches, 40 inches, 65 inches, and 85 inches. Infrared Technology is used to run these capacitive touch panels. Touch Panels can be mounted on a wall as well as a stand. The price of Interactive Touch Panel Display in India depends upon the configuration of CPU, size, and mounting arrangement. 

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Happy Teachers Day to all of you!

Infralab wishes all teachers a very very Happy Teachers Day! They are the torch bearers for the world to become a better place to live in.
To make this event memorable, today we are launching VISUAL PODIUM - a kind of digital podium. Visual Podium is going to take education industry by storm. It is going to power classrooms by empoweing teachers.

Plug & Play Visual Podium Highlights
  • Write with your Hand on Paper , Show it to the audience on Screen, Record it & Share it.
  • Onboard USB Recording Audio & Visual
  • Integrated Public Addressing Arrangement (Mic, Speaker & Amplifier)
  • Record Group Discussions
  • Demonstrate & Teach Lessons
  • Access Internet with a simple click
  • Annotate on Websites
  • Run YouTube Videos
Visual Podium will revolutionize Indian Classrooms in a new way. It will give a new dimension to teaching and learning. 
I understand that you must be waiting to get a glimpse of Visual Podium.. Hold the breath. We will post pictures in our next post as the product is undergoing photoshoot. 

Tanya, Infralab | 

Monday 14 August 2017


Hello Friends,

We are gearing up for the upcoming Exhibition - DIDAC INDIA at Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai. The event will commence from September 19, 2017 and continue till September 21, 2017. We are going to display our smart class equipment  - digital podium, pa podium, interactive whiteboard (10 point touch), interactive flat display,  visual presenter (7 models) and information kiosk in the mega event.
Didac India is one of the Asia's Largest Exhibition for Educational Supply & Technology Innovation. People from educational institutes across the country visit this event to have a glimpse over the latest educational and training products. Educationists get the opportunity to interact with the market leaders of educational supplies and training material.

We cordially invite all of you to visit

Venue: Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai
Date:   19 - 22 September, 2017
Time:   10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

We request you once again to visit our Stall E-7. Not just see our products, but experience each of our smart class equipment by personally using them.
Hope to see you all soon! Stay healthy & cheerful till then!


Saturday 4 March 2017

Interactive Whiteboard for the growth of Teachers and Students!

Technology has helped a man to move forward towards automation. It has influenced all segments of life transforming each manual operation into mechanical ones.
Coming to Education Industry, Interactive Whiteboard is the most recent innovation in India. Its benefits are not limited to either students or teachers, but it benefits both groups. In other words, Interactive Whiteboards contribute towards the growth and development of a teacher as well as a student. Learn how -
  • Stimulate Mind & Boost Creativity
    How boring is that for a teacher to just refer a book while teaching on a black board,  and students partially attentive and majorly distracted or half slept in the classroom? Interactive Whiteboard in India has transformed the ways classrooms used to be. Using these digital boards, an instructor can access all audio & visual files from the computer library and World Wide Web. Information from various sources not only stimulate minds of young students, but also boost creativity of teachers.
  • Improve Relationships, Connection and Collaboration: Explaining through pictures and videos while annotating offers a unique classroom experience. It triggers two-way learning process through a defined course of open communication between teacher and students. Classroom environment becomes flexible giving birth to a cohesive teacher & student relationship wherein they can connect and collaborate with each other enjoying the freedom of expression.
  • Keep you Energetic
    If you have digital boards in classroom, you won't be lazy. You will be on toes to share maximum information from the best sources to share with students. On the other hand, students also don't fall  prey to sleep. Technology has refined the definition of active classrooms.
  • Improve Brain Function
    Classroom is no more monotonous to experience everyday. No more you listen to the voice of only teacher, you watch videos, you listen to audios of related lessons and you watch images. Exposure to  subject material in different formats improves brain function.
  • Relieve Stress
    Students open up in smart classrooms; they actually express their thoughts and opinions in a smart class. They come out of their personal zones and feel free to ask their queries. In case any student is suffering from depression, stress or anxiety, digital classrooms offer them an opportunity to speak up their minds.
  • Help Develop Social Skills
    Interactive Whiteboard transforms a class into social engagement of teachers and students wherein they talk and learn. And, therefore they learn the art of communication.

Sunday 13 November 2016

IPS Technology in Digital Podium

Digital Podium is our niche, because we manufacture it. Nowadays, we have been getting a number of inquiries for Digital Podium demanding a tilt in the touch monitor. And, we say  that you do not require it.
This blog is meant for all readers who want to understand the concept behind tilt in a digital podium. 
Let's first find out why do you require a tilt? If you have worked on a TFT or Laptop,  you must be knowing that you have to adjust your screen for optimal view. By adjusting the screen, you ensure that there are no reflections of light or other things. Therefore, you require tilt in a digital podium to adjust its screen.

Now , we will tell you why we don't recommend a tilt in podium. The reason is simple that we use IPS Touch Monitor in it. IPS Technology is the latest technology that offers uniform view of screen from all angles (around 360 Degrees). You don't need to tilt it irrespective of your position and lights installed in the surroundings.  
Hope you liked our blog and found it useful.
Have a look at a picture of our Digital Podium here -



Tuesday 1 November 2016

Seven Models of Visual Presenter

Recently we have joined Smore!

We have published a flyer about Visual Presenter mentioning about the seven models of visual presenter including Desktop Series, Portable Series and Short Document Camera.

We enjoyed being the part of! Hope you enjoyed our presence there. Please connect with us there, we would love to hear from you!
For queries, contact us at , or ring us at +91-9541103099