Saturday 4 March 2017

Interactive Whiteboard for the growth of Teachers and Students!

Technology has helped a man to move forward towards automation. It has influenced all segments of life transforming each manual operation into mechanical ones.
Coming to Education Industry, Interactive Whiteboard is the most recent innovation in India. Its benefits are not limited to either students or teachers, but it benefits both groups. In other words, Interactive Whiteboards contribute towards the growth and development of a teacher as well as a student. Learn how -
  • Stimulate Mind & Boost Creativity
    How boring is that for a teacher to just refer a book while teaching on a black board,  and students partially attentive and majorly distracted or half slept in the classroom? Interactive Whiteboard in India has transformed the ways classrooms used to be. Using these digital boards, an instructor can access all audio & visual files from the computer library and World Wide Web. Information from various sources not only stimulate minds of young students, but also boost creativity of teachers.
  • Improve Relationships, Connection and Collaboration: Explaining through pictures and videos while annotating offers a unique classroom experience. It triggers two-way learning process through a defined course of open communication between teacher and students. Classroom environment becomes flexible giving birth to a cohesive teacher & student relationship wherein they can connect and collaborate with each other enjoying the freedom of expression.
  • Keep you Energetic
    If you have digital boards in classroom, you won't be lazy. You will be on toes to share maximum information from the best sources to share with students. On the other hand, students also don't fall  prey to sleep. Technology has refined the definition of active classrooms.
  • Improve Brain Function
    Classroom is no more monotonous to experience everyday. No more you listen to the voice of only teacher, you watch videos, you listen to audios of related lessons and you watch images. Exposure to  subject material in different formats improves brain function.
  • Relieve Stress
    Students open up in smart classrooms; they actually express their thoughts and opinions in a smart class. They come out of their personal zones and feel free to ask their queries. In case any student is suffering from depression, stress or anxiety, digital classrooms offer them an opportunity to speak up their minds.
  • Help Develop Social Skills
    Interactive Whiteboard transforms a class into social engagement of teachers and students wherein they talk and learn. And, therefore they learn the art of communication.

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