Sunday 13 November 2016

IPS Technology in Digital Podium

Digital Podium is our niche, because we manufacture it. Nowadays, we have been getting a number of inquiries for Digital Podium demanding a tilt in the touch monitor. And, we say  that you do not require it.
This blog is meant for all readers who want to understand the concept behind tilt in a digital podium. 
Let's first find out why do you require a tilt? If you have worked on a TFT or Laptop,  you must be knowing that you have to adjust your screen for optimal view. By adjusting the screen, you ensure that there are no reflections of light or other things. Therefore, you require tilt in a digital podium to adjust its screen.

Now , we will tell you why we don't recommend a tilt in podium. The reason is simple that we use IPS Touch Monitor in it. IPS Technology is the latest technology that offers uniform view of screen from all angles (around 360 Degrees). You don't need to tilt it irrespective of your position and lights installed in the surroundings.  
Hope you liked our blog and found it useful.
Have a look at a picture of our Digital Podium here -



Tuesday 1 November 2016

Seven Models of Visual Presenter

Recently we have joined Smore!

We have published a flyer about Visual Presenter mentioning about the seven models of visual presenter including Desktop Series, Portable Series and Short Document Camera.

We enjoyed being the part of! Hope you enjoyed our presence there. Please connect with us there, we would love to hear from you!
For queries, contact us at , or ring us at +91-9541103099

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Interactive Whiteboard Quick Installation Guide

This post is to help out teachers and trainers, who are struggling to install interactive whiteboard in a smart classroom. It is not a rocket science to install the one. One has to simply follow the procedure step by step for its easy installation.
Recently, our service professional has published a post "How to install Interactive Whiteboard in Classroom" on Hub Pages.

We are sharing the link, so that you can go through the topic and install interactive whiteboard on your own easily and quickly.

Follow the link here -

How to install Interactive Whiteboard in Classroom 

In case you have any questions to ask about installation, please feel free to ask using comment box. Our service professional would definitely clear all your doubts, if any.

Monday 11 July 2016

Now Smart Classroom Equipment on Wix!

It's been a while we did not post here! Yes, we were busy launching new models of digital podium, interactive whiteboard and visual presenter. Meanwhile, we also made our presence on reputed platform WIX.

We always wanted to have a website on wix - offering information about all smart classroom equipment. So, we made one :) It is a one page parallax website that scrolls down to different categories. 

Have a look here -  

Wix offered us good designs to organize information meticulously. We appreciate this platform. 

And, have a glance over the pictures of new models that were launched in the beginning of the new financial year 2016-2017. 

Visual Presenter - Model VPD600

Visual Presenter - Model VPD590
Document Camera - Model SDC5
Interactive Whiteboard - Techne Series - 6 Point Touch

Digital Podium - New iTouch Lectern
Keep calm, soon we will share specifications of each model that we have launched. Till then, stay tuned to our website and blog.

Team Infralab, Smart Classroom India


Friday 12 February 2016

Smart Classroom India - Google Website Launched

Recently Infralab has launched #GoogleSite -

We have developed this website for our clients basically. This website showcases our entire product range -
  • Interactive Whitboard - Infrared | Electromagnetic | Optical - Sizes 82" Diagonal | 87" Diagonal
  • Visual Presenter 5 Mega Pixel - Desktop Model | Portable Model | Gooseneck Model 
  • Digital Podium - 23" Touch Monitor
  • PA Podium - 60 Watts - With Three Speakers - Amplifier - Gooseneck Mic - LED Light - 2 Wireless Mic
  • Projection Screen - Instalock | Motorized - 6'X4' | 8'X6' 
  • Projector - Benq | Sony - Shortthrow | Long Throw
  • Interactive Device - Shortthrow | Long Throw
In our newly launched Google Website, you can also find - 
  • Demonstration Videos of all smart classroom equipment (interactive whiteboard India, visual presenter, digital podium, pa podium, etc.)
Enjoy our new website! In case you want to buy - call @ +91-9813232101 or +91-9355106486