Monday 16 March 2015

Introduction to Visual Presenter

The visual presenter also called as “document camera or visualiser ” is a part of smart classroom devices.  This device helps in understanding the lecture precisely.  It captures the real time images of the book if we put the textbook on the desktop visual presenter. It highlights every content (text, image and video) on the big screen effectively to the audience with zoom-in option.

It actually offers wireless image transmission from internet to the computer over Wi-Fi network. Visual Presenter can be integrated with computer, projector and interactive whiteboard. It makes the presentations best by using document camera.
One of the best features of this device that one can record live experiments which can be visible to the large chunk of audience. It also facilitates saving option which can be presented again for some discussion purpose as per the requirement. Without having computer attached the visual presenter can read the images and any other files which makes this device flexible enough to carry out its operations.
There is no particular training that is required to use this device because it is quite user-friendly. It is ready-to -use Kind of device. This portable device takes no time to set up in an area. As per your choice one can use computer with visual presenter to show more files to the audience. Financial Reports related with the company can be shown through the visual presenter to present large number of audience effectively.
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