Monday 21 December 2015


Hello Friends,
Recently we have been busy with MSME Global Exhibition at Kanpur
It was great to be in Kanpur! Smart Classroom India Infralab got great response from the educational institutes, government institutes and dealers of Kanpur.
Here, we share a few pictures and videos of the event- 

PRESS COVERAGE - We were in Headlines for Supplying Interactive Whiteboards in India :

Have a look at Our STALL: 


Digital Podium at MSME Exhibition 2015:

Visual Presenter At MSME Exhibition 2015 

Desktop MODEL VPD945- 

Portable MODEL VPP350-

Video Demonstration of Visual Presenter Model VPP350-

It was great to participate in MSME Exhibition 2015 in Kanpur. Hope you liked pictures! To know more, either drop a mail to or call at +91-9355106486.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

How to use Interactive Whiteboard?

Interactive Whiteboard is a smart class device, which has replaced the traditional black board, chalk and duster system. Nowadays, an instructor uses a smart board, using finger or a dummy pen, to teach. Besides  classroom book content, teachers have access to extended libraries as they can use internet in classrooms. Yes, technology has changed the entire process of teaching and learning.

But, there is a resistance among-st teachers that stop them to try smart boards. This resistance is nothing but lack of  training; they don't know how to use interactive whiteboard and hence they shirk to use it. Here is the video demonstrating smart board to help teachers understand the tools of a smart board.

Demonstration - Interactive Whiteboard

In case you have any doubt about smart class, feel free to ask us using comment box.

Thursday 10 September 2015

Visual Presenter - Demonstrate & Teach

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever thought how would a classroom look if a teacher explains each lesson through real-time demonstration? It will be a jaw dropping experience for students. And, a teacher would no more require a trick to grab the attention of students.
Smart Classrooms stand as epitome for perfect teaching and learning practices. And, smart teaching devices play the elementary role. One such equipment is Visual Presenter.

Visual Presenter allows a teacher to show a real-time object in a classroom using a projector and a projection screen. When teachers were told about this super teaching gadget they were amazed and could not believe that now they can show a real butterfly,  leaf, stone, tooth model, brain model and many such things on screen. And their excitement grew when they were asked to annotate on these on-screen objects and were shown their annotation videos. With time, teaching aids are evolving and so the classrooms.

Guys, who are interested in knowing "what can they do with a visual presenter in a classroom" can view the presentation below:

In case, you want to know more about visual presenter, please ask your question using the comment box.


Thursday 9 April 2015

Public Addressing Podium Live Demonstration

Watch Live Demonstration of Infralab's Power PA Podium (Public Addressing Podium) -


In order to read the specifications of PA Podium, kindly read the description given at the end of the video on You Tube.
This is high-end solution for educational institutes / training houses to ensure clear voice amidst large audience. Infralab's Power Podium is in much demand across Asian Countries (especially India); the equipment is easy to install, plug & play device. No vigorous training is required to use PA Podium. And, it takes nothing to  maintain this gadget except for a clean dusting cloth.

Our shipping is perfect with proper packing and tracking. In addition to power podium, we also provide digital podium, visual presenter and interactive whiteboards. To inquire; mail us at or call at +919813232101 or +919355106486.

Monday 16 March 2015

Introduction to Visual Presenter

The visual presenter also called as “document camera or visualiser ” is a part of smart classroom devices.  This device helps in understanding the lecture precisely.  It captures the real time images of the book if we put the textbook on the desktop visual presenter. It highlights every content (text, image and video) on the big screen effectively to the audience with zoom-in option.

It actually offers wireless image transmission from internet to the computer over Wi-Fi network. Visual Presenter can be integrated with computer, projector and interactive whiteboard. It makes the presentations best by using document camera.
One of the best features of this device that one can record live experiments which can be visible to the large chunk of audience. It also facilitates saving option which can be presented again for some discussion purpose as per the requirement. Without having computer attached the visual presenter can read the images and any other files which makes this device flexible enough to carry out its operations.
There is no particular training that is required to use this device because it is quite user-friendly. It is ready-to -use Kind of device. This portable device takes no time to set up in an area. As per your choice one can use computer with visual presenter to show more files to the audience. Financial Reports related with the company can be shown through the visual presenter to present large number of audience effectively.
To buy visual presenter, please drop mail or call at +91-9813232101 or +91-9355106486