Thursday 10 September 2015

Visual Presenter - Demonstrate & Teach

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever thought how would a classroom look if a teacher explains each lesson through real-time demonstration? It will be a jaw dropping experience for students. And, a teacher would no more require a trick to grab the attention of students.
Smart Classrooms stand as epitome for perfect teaching and learning practices. And, smart teaching devices play the elementary role. One such equipment is Visual Presenter.

Visual Presenter allows a teacher to show a real-time object in a classroom using a projector and a projection screen. When teachers were told about this super teaching gadget they were amazed and could not believe that now they can show a real butterfly,  leaf, stone, tooth model, brain model and many such things on screen. And their excitement grew when they were asked to annotate on these on-screen objects and were shown their annotation videos. With time, teaching aids are evolving and so the classrooms.

Guys, who are interested in knowing "what can they do with a visual presenter in a classroom" can view the presentation below:

In case, you want to know more about visual presenter, please ask your question using the comment box.


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